Simple and transparent cost for our fulfillment service

Order Fulfillment Service Price / USD Note
Initial Set-Up Fee Free No set up fee and MIN amount require for our service, just sign up and start directly
Pick and Pack fee (0.1 x Weight(kg) +0.4 ) USD for each order This is the fee for strandrad packing(Normal plastic express bag and Bubble envelope), Others packing material we may charge extra packing fee
For example:
1. an order weight 0.2kg, Pick and Pack fee = 0.4+0.1X0.2=0.42 USD;
2. an order weight 5kg, Pick and Pack fee = 0.4+0.1X5=0.9 USD;
Ship your goods to almost all countries and China domestic shipping.
If you don't understand SHIPPING RATE page, just use SHIPPING CALCULATOR page for easier quoting
Packaging material Free for standrand We offer 5 kinds of package material:
1- Plastic express bag -- free
2- 5 layers carton -- free
3- Bubble bag -- free
4- Gas columng+carton -- 1.6USD/carton
5- Woven bag+carton -- 1.6USD/carton
Freight collecting $2- $10 handling fee
If your parcel need us to pay local shipping cost when we receive, we will charge local shipping fee+ handling fee
Warehouse storage fee $0.05USD/day/0.1cubic meter
($15USD/month/cubic meter)
Free for first 30 days for new arrive product
MIN space we calculated is 0.1 cubic meter.
For example:
1. You have 100 unit boxes in our warehouse, each boxes size: 10x10x10cm, Volume= 0.1 cubic meter. We will reduce 0.05 USD from your balance for one day.
Receiving (inbound parcel) fee Free It's free for us to receive your products and update to WMS.
We will also take photo for the products we receive and you can view in WMS
It's very clear and comfortable for you to control your products by viewing the photos
Return handling fee Free It's free for us to receive your parcels that returned by shipping company
Returned parcel will be appear in "Returned" menu. You can operate to reship / trash / restock as you want.
Extra photoes 0.8USD/product
We have provided simple photoes for product arrived at our warehouse
However, if you require us to take more detail photoes to you. We will charge this fee
If we need unpack and repack the carton to take the photo, we will charge extra unpack and repack fee which depend on how difficult it is to unpack and repack
Note: this is not professional photo from photographer, photoes are only taken by phone
Quality inspection Depend
We can also do some inspection that within our ability
Fee depend on how easy the job is