Get start with DShipChina fulfillment service

1. Sign up and go to user center to get your unique warehouse address.
fulfillment Get start guide

2. Create product in warehouse page and stick the product label to your real product which is shipping to us.
You don't need to mark product ID to every product. Just only need to mark one for one kind of products
fulfillment Get start guide

3. Request to ship to your customer from our warehouse.
There are 4 ways to request the shipping from our fulfillment warehouse:
1). Finish step1->step4 in warehouse page to ship one shipment
2). Upload order sheet to create shipment in bulk to many different customers.
3). Develop your own website with our API, Then you can make your order auto send to our system when you have new order.
4). Use the integration tool such as shopify app to connect your website and synchronize the order to our system directly.